Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp

Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp: A Comprehensive Comparison

When equipping small conference spaces with BYOD all-in-one video conferencing solutions, these two products come to mind: the Poly Studio R30 and the Logitech MeetUp. Both are designed to enhance your meeting experience but have distinct features that may suit different needs. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison.

Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp

Price and Ideal Use

  • Poly Studio R30: Priced at $559.95, this USB video bar is perfect for small conference spaces.
  • Logitech MeetUp: At $699.00, this original all-in-one conference cam is also tailored for small conference rooms.
Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp

Warranty and Box Contents

  • The Poly Studio R30 offers a 1-year limited warranty with an option for an enhanced warranty through Poly+. The box includes the Poly Studio R30 USB video bar, removable monitor clamp, power supply (4.9 ft), power cord (9 ft), USB 2.0 cable (Type-C to Type-A, 5m/16.4 ft), setup sheet, and removable privacy cap.
  • Logitech MeetUp comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty with the option to extend an additional one year and three at the time of hardware purchase via Logitech Select. The package includes the MeetUp ConferenceCam, Remote control, USB cable: 16 ft (5 m), Power supply, Wall mount and hardware, and User documentation.

How to Setup

The Poly Studio R30 and Logitech MeetUp are easy to set up, requiring only two cables: AC Power and USB.

Watch these set up videos!

YouTube player
YouTube player

Video and Audio Capabilities

  • The R30 boasts Ultra HD (4K) video resolution, with a field of view (FOV) of 120° DFOV (Diagonal Field of View) and 110° HFOV (Horizontal Field of View). It features up to 5x zoom, a 3-element beamforming array, Poly’s Acoustic Clarity, Poly NoiseBlockAI, and Poly Acoustic Fence technology.
  • MeetUp also offers 4K Ultra HD video with a 120° DFOV and 113° HFOV. It has a 5x HD zoom and is equipped with Logitech RightSound technology for better audio clarity.

Tracking, Framing, and PTZ

  • Poly Studio R30 offers an automatic meeting experience powered by Poly DirectorAI technology, including group framing, people framing (preview), speaker framing, presenter tracking and conversation mode (preview), and manual pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) control through the Poly Lens Desktop App.  Learn more about Poly Studio R30 Tracking Modes.
  • The Logitech MeetUp includes three camera position presets, motorized PTZ, and RightSight: Human figure detection, Auto-frame participants at meeting start, Auto-frame participants on-demand, Auto-reframe when participants enter, leave, or change positions.

Additional Features

  • The Poly Studio R30 provides an adjustable monitor clamp, standard Tripod thread, inverted mounting option, built-in USB-A ports for wireless headset adapters or other peripherals such as a USB hub, and a status LED indicating calling and mute states. Optional accessories include a Bluetooth remote control and wall mount.
  • MeetUp features RightLight technology for low-light compensation, video noise reduction, and low-light saturation optimization. Use as a Bluetooth speakerphone and pair MeetUp with your smartphone or tablet to enjoy outstanding audio clarity, volume, and range. Don’t want to drill? No problem. By attaching to the VESA mounting points behind the display, the optional TV Mount for MeetUp lets you position MeetUp above or below the display without drilling new holes.

Compatibility and Manageability

  • The Logitech MeetUp and Poly Studio R30 are certified and compatible with major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  • The R30 can be managed via the Poly Lens service and Poly Lens Desktop app, while MeetUp uses Logitech Sync.


Choosing between the Poly Studio R30 and Logitech MeetUp depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both are excellent choices for small meeting spaces, but your preference for certain features will guide your decision. If you would like help or want to book a virtual or in-person demo to see these devices in action, contact Call One, Inc. We can show you these devices and more from our Customer Experience Center.

Call One, Inc. is a nationally certified women’s business enterprise and woman-owned small business headquartered in Cape Canaveral, FL.  We are B2B and provide professional-grade audio and video solutions for personal and team workspaces. We believe in the fundamental principle that people do business with people. Our passion is to help people do their business better by simplifying access to business communications and collaboration technology.

Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp








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