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Tools to Keep Your Focus in Glass-Walled Meeting Rooms and Open Spaces

Video conferencing has become a staple of the modern workplace, but open-plan offices and meeting rooms with glass walls introduce a unique challenge: unwanted distractions in your video feed. Participants walking by, reflections, and activity outside the intended meeting area can disrupt focus. Enterprise-grade video conferencing manufacturers have developed cutting-edge technologies to address this issue. […]

Poly Studio R30 vs. Logitech MeetUp: A Comprehensive Comparison

When equipping small conference spaces with BYOD all-in-one video conferencing solutions, these two products come to mind: the Poly Studio R30 and the Logitech MeetUp. Both are designed to enhance your meeting experience but have distinct features that may suit different needs. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison. Price and Ideal Use Poly Studio R30: […]

Jabra Evolve2 55 vs Poly Voyager Focus 2: A Comprehensive Comparison 

When it comes to high-quality, professional-grade headsets, the Jabra Evolve2 55 Series and the Poly Voyager Focus 2 Series are top contenders. Both series offer a range of features tailored for business use, but choosing between them can be challenging. This blog aims to provide a detailed comparison, helping you make an informed decision based […]

Call One, Inc. Partners with Barco to Integrate ClickShare Conference Solutions – Revolutionizing Meeting Spaces and Workplace Productivity 

Cape Canaveral, FL – Today marks a transformative milestone for the corporate enterprise environment as Call One, Inc. proudly announces its strategic partnership with Barco, a global leader in meeting room technology. This collaboration is set to integrate ClickShare‘s state-of-the-art wireless conferencing system into Call One’s robust communication solutions portfolio.  In the dynamic landscape of […]

Discovering the EPOS Impact 1000 Series: The Best Noise-Canceling Mic in Business Headsets

Introduction I’ve had the opportunity to test various business-grade headsets across multiple brands. Based on my tests, the EPOS Impact 1000 Series features the best noise-canceling microphone I’ve experienced to date. The EPOS Impact 1000 Series consists of several different models. In this blog, I share a comparative matrix to help guide your selection of […]

VisibilityOne Expands Reach through Partnership with Call One, Inc.

Cape Canaveral, Florida – November 1, 2023 – VisibilityOne, a leader in video collaboration and conference room monitoring solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Call One, Inc., a prominent woman-owned reseller of technology products and services. This collaboration opens exciting possibilities for enterprises across the United States to access the full suite […]

Jabra PanaCast vs PanaCast 20: Which is Best for Your Video Conferencing Needs? 

In the era of remote work and digital collaboration, a reliable video conferencing setup is more critical than ever. Jabra offers two cutting-edge solutions: the PanaCast and PanaCast 20. While both are engineered to enhance your video calls, they cater to different use cases. Let’s dive into the specifics to help you choose the perfect […]

 Jabra Evolve2 65 vs. Evolve2 65 Flex: Which is Right for You?  

The Jabra Evolve2 65 and Evolve2 65 Flex are excellent UC Bluetooth wireless headsets designed for hybrid workers, with several key differences. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which one is right for you:  Price:  Jabra Evolve2 65: The price range varies from $289 to $362  Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex: The price range varies […]

Logitech Brio 300 vs. Logitech Brio 305: A Detailed Comparison 

In today’s remote work era, having a reliable webcam is essential for seamless communication and collaboration. Logitech, a renowned name in the world of computer peripherals, offers two affordable webcam options – the Logitech Brio 300 and the Logitech Brio 305. In this blog, we’ll comprehensively compare these two webcams to help you make an […]

The Importance of Enhancing Your Video Conferencing Setup with Logitech Select 

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication and collaboration are essential. With teams often spread across different locations, video conferencing has become indispensable for maintaining seamless connections. However, the complexity and potential pitfalls associated with video conferencing systems can sometimes undermine the very efficiency they are meant to bring. This is where Logitech Select steps […]