BIZ 2300 USB Duo

BIZ 2300 USB Duo MS Review

Unboxing: The BIZ 2300 USB Duo comes packaged in one of the space-saving Jabra boxes. The headset is inside a Styrofoam-like bag. Included is a Quick Start Guide and Warranty info.

Headset: I happen to be evaluating the dual ear version that is Microsoft Lync optimized. Automatically eyes are drawn to the ear cushions/speakers as they are different than most current headsets on market in terms of shape. The headband is also contoured and unlike most current headsets. The speakers swivel to lay flat plus they swivel up and down slightly to contour to ear. One of the coolest things is the 360-degree rotating boom.  The microphone can be easily positioned to correct spot.

BIZ 2300 USB DuoBIZ 2300 USB Duo



USB Inline Control: The USB inline control is pretty nice. Big, pronounced buttons allow you to easily control: Mute, Volume, Answer/Hang Up as well as Hold button that places call “on hold” and resumes call. My complaint with this is the same as for ALL the other USB headset manufacturers. The inline control is too far down the cable which when sitting, places the control just above my ankle. This makes it challenging to easily use. Additionally, no lapel clip so I can’t clip the cable to help keep the inline control up higher in a more manageable position. For now, I wrap cable behind my neck.

BIZ 2300 USB Duo

Comfort: it’s a really comfortable headset, fits nicely.

Set Up: Set up was fairly straight forward. I took USB cable and connected to an open USB port on my PC tower. Appropriate drivers were installed and headset becomes Audio Device you can select via Microsoft Lync client.

It also becomes a device that can be managed via Jabra PC Suite:

Audio Quality: The audio quality is very good. The speakers provide a nice clean, clear sound. The transmit levels appear to be good. I haven’t received any complaints in reference to transmit. The mic seems to be sensitive and “on” all the time because if I breathe it seems to pick it up.

Summary: I’ve only used a few days now but so far so good. I had initially received a non-Lync version (standard UC model) and I experienced issues connecting calls. Either it wouldn’t answer or I couldn’t hear the person on the other end once call did connect. I still continue to experience not being able to hear caller immediately on some calls. It seems to be a sporadic issue that is corrected by placing calls on hold and resuming the call. Other than that, BIZ 2300 USB Duo MS is working well.

Update 10/18/13: I was able to correct the issue of the lag/delay by going into my PC Control Panel –> Hardware & Sounds –> Setting BIZ 2300 as “Default” Playback and Recording. After I did that I had no further issues. I found the headset to be very comfortable enough for all-day wear. Unlike its competitors, I did enjoy the “Hold” button/feature BIZ 2300 USB offered.



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