Why should you switch to the Cloud for your Communications Platform?

Is moving to the cloud worth it?
Well, let’s take a look at the features you would get for roughly the same price you pay right now for Voice/Voicemail. With the mid-range plan, you could get Unlimited Calling to 32 Countries, Unlimited Faxing, Call Analytics, Business Class SMS, Voicemail, and call recording! All these features (and more), all for around the same price you would pay per line from your local provider to just receive voice calls and voicemail! The great part about all of this is you can even keep your phone number. Being able to communicate is key in a growing business. It allows you to be more efficient, save money, and improve quality assurance. So why not use the best to communicate?

How do you know it’s fit for you?
First off, Cloud Communications can fit almost anyone’s needs, but we can use an example for this. Let’s say, Real Estate agents. They have to be mobility masters and have a tendency to use their personal cell phones for the business. But who wants to do that? Some might, but the majority would probably wish they could take their entire phone system from work on the road with them. Well, with a Cloud Communications platform, you can! Mobility is one of the key features. You can have your office phone on a cell phone, desktop computer, tablet, etc. Anywhere you can open a web browser, you can stay connected. It’s like having your entire desk phone in your pocket! Let’s say you don’t want to put anything on your phone. Simple! Just forward those calls to your cell phone. The ability to go anywhere at any time is vital to businesses on the move, even if you aren’t a real estate agent. If you need mobility, then Cloud Communications is a key move.

We talked about real estate agents and traveling employees. Let’s get deeper and talk about Call Centers. Yeah, I said it, the one place that communication is absolutely key. The cloud is there for you too. With numerous abilities, like call parking, auto attendant and easy to set up ring groups, you’re covered! The three main points at a Call Center would be Sales, Technical Support, and Customer Service. With ring groups, you can easily divide and conquer. We haven’t even mentioned the ease of extensions or presence. Easily set up extensions, so when you need to get a hold of someone, you can, and with just a press of a button. Now, along with extensions you need to remember presence. We’ve all called someone in the company just to get an “I’m on a call” voicemail. What if you could tell before you even pushed their extensions? With presence, you can! Let’s think of it this way: AOL Instant Messenger. Yeah, it’s a throwback thought, but you had the ability to know when someone was offline, online, or away! Same basic theory, but you know when someone is on a call, in a meeting, away, off work, and available! Cloud services seem like an amazing deal already, right?

How you actually know the Cloud is worth it…
Analytics. That’s a word most of us tend to hear too often. But on the cloud, it’s actually quite simple. You have the ability to automatically record calls, use them to train people, and improve your quality assurance! The use of this feature is filled with graphs, and easy to use categories. You can see how long clients are on hold, the average time it takes for a phone, call waiting times, and much more. Some of the packages offered, allow you to be notified when the system notices that someone raised their voice, and it will give you the ability to join that call. Allowing you to de-escalate the situation, and come up with a solution faster. Now, Barge-Monitor-Whisper, this one is actually pretty cool. You can ensure professional quality, train new employees during an actual call, and assist employees when they need help without the client even knowing. This is a pretty useful feature, being able to hop on a call, talk to your employee, and the client can’t hear you at all. These features allow you to nail down quality assurance so that your clients have the best experience when they call you for help.

Now, Let’s talk collaboration!
One feature we haven’t touched on – Meetings. At any business, trying to get everyone on a call at the same time can be a hassle occasionally. Well, being able to set up an email to go out company-wide, with a link and phone number, allows you to easily set up meetings with no confusion on how to join. Conferencing/Meetings with a new face, which includes screen sharing, file sharing, and of course, live video sharing. You’re probably thinking “with all these features, it must be a lot to maintain”. Well, that’s the kicker! There isn’t anything to maintain. No PBX, or onsite switchboard! Cloud services are, well, in the cloud. They don’t need to take up the IT department’s time trying to fix a phone or schedule a specialist to come to look at the onsite PBX. Being on the cloud not only loosens up the IT departments schedule to fix real problems, but it saves you money in the long run. You can continue to use your desk phone setup if you’d like, or you can run a softphone on your PC.

So, back to what I asked above. Why not use the best to communicate? Move to the future, switch to the cloud. Boost your efficiency, quality assurance, and rescue lost time.

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