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Best portable speakerphone for business

What’s the best speakerphone for business? We test a number including Jabra Speak 710, Sennheiser SP 30 and Poly Calisto 7200 to find the best solution for your business needs.

By Danny Hayasaka

September 12, 2019

So many options, which do you choose? What’s the best portable speakerphone for business? It comes down to use case. What platform? Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, softphone calls, other? Beyond a PC/Laptop, do you need connectivity to mobile phone or tablet? There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to personal/small group, portable speakerphones. I’ve been fortunate enough to test a long list of them. No, Jabra isn’t paying me to vote/rank this way. Based on my personal testing…the best speakerphone would have to be the Jabra Speak 710 in UC and Microsoft variants stand out above the rest for these reasons:

  • Audio Speakerphone Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility
Jabra Speak 710

Don’t get me wrong, other brands and speakerphone models were strong contenders. Here are the runner ups:

Beyond audio quality…ease of transport/portability was a key factor in this ranking. All the speakerphones I tested are “portable” and include a carry case or pouch. However, not all do as well in that field. A prime example is the Poly Calisto 7200. Audio quality is great, connectivity (USB & Bluetooth) is good, Compatible with all major platforms, one of the only square form factor units, but you can’t really fit all the cabling into the pouch, if you want to transport the long USB cable with security locking mechanism. Of course, to be fair you don’t have to use that cable, a shorter easier to transport cable is included. But if I wanted to take both cables…they wouldn’t fit in the carry case. I stress portability as more and more people are working remote or in huddle rooms. The Calisto 7200 is a good speakerphone if you want to set it up in a room and lock it down.

Poly Calisto 7200

The speakerphones that include a cord management option top the list of easy to transport. Sennheiser, Poly, Jabra & Yealink all offer cord management system. And I really like the units that offer a little slot to store USB dongle.

Sennheiser Speakerphone USB dongle

All the speakerphones include a neoprene case except for the Yealink CP900 which provides a really nice hard case, which offers greater protection.

Speakerphone cases

Pricing. They are all comparably priced depending on connectivity. Of course, you can get friend prices from your buddies at Call One, Inc. by contacting us directly via 1-800-749-3160 or

To find the best speakerphone that fits your needs, here are the units listed by MSRP/List Price & connectivity options:

Contact a knowledgeable Call One, Inc. Team Member to get help selecting the best speakerphone for you and your team! 1-800-749-3160 or

The goal is to film some video showcasing the audio quality of each from the speaker to the mic. It’s been somewhat of a challenge because what I hear vs how it sounds in a video isn’t the same, but we’ll always make sure to help you find the best portable speakerphone for your business.

Konftel Ego Conference phone
Yamaha YVC200