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How Embrava Desk Sign helps with Office Hoteling

Many companies are making the shift to modern agile work environments such as Office Hoteling to improve workplace productivity, collaboration and employee experience while reducing real estate and operating costs. When implementing these hybrid work environments, it’s critical to simplify the process of booking workspaces, locating staff, and analyzing desk usage data. With that said we’re proud to present the Embrava Desk Sign designed for the modern work Office.

So, What Exactly Is The Embrava Desk Sign?

Social Distancing

Allows company/facility managers to disable and enable desks on demand so they can keep employees at a safe distance. Desks can be brought back online progressively with one-click once restrictions start to ease.

Awaiting Clean

You can no implement a desk cleaning protocol with the Embrava Desk Sign. Desks can be automatically disabled after employee use and easily enabled again once cleaned, and confirmed, by having the cleaner tap their badge on the device.

Contact Tracing

When enabled, the Desk Sign can capture who sat where and when. In the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, our solution can help identify which workspaces were used by that employee and which colleagues may have come into contact with them so the appropriate actions can be undertaken. The Desk Sign will automatically display a users name and update your wayfinding/location services as soon as an employee checks into a workspace allowing users to easily find and identify each other as they move around an agile work environment.

In Conclusion

The Embrava Desk Sign is a simple to use, easy learning, business solution. It’s a safe way for your facility to return to office. Want to try it for you and your company? You can contact us to start a POC / pilot. If you want to learn more about this great solution, check out our most recent video below and head over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe for more videos like this. Thanks for tuning in!

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