Devices make the experience

Devices make the experience

The Voice of your Brand 

How often have you contacted a business and had a hard time hearing them or spent a lot of time repeating yourself because they couldn’t hear you?  Daily, your team members communicate externally with clients and partners and internally with team members via voice or video. The audio and video quality is a direct reflection of your brand. How important is the voice of your brand?  

The appropriate audio and video devices make the experience. Your organization may have deployed a premium collaboration platform that provides all the required elements for your teams to collaborate. However, if you didn’t place effort into selecting the proper audio and video devices for your team members, the overall user experience and productivity may suffer.  

Where, when, and how people work today vastly differ from pre-pandemic days. Your team members need the right tools that support the mix of in-office, on-the-go, and remote-work locations. In a previous blog post, I shared the importance of audio to have a productive video meeting. At the height of the pandemic, many organizations provided a stipend or reimbursement and shifted audio and video device selection decisions to their employees. Many opted for consumer models because most folks aren’t aware of the difference between consumer and business-grade devices.

Consumer vs. Business Devices   

Devices make the experience

There are differences between consumer and business audio and video devices. Jabra lists these differences between consumer and professional headsets in their blog:  

  • Engineered for different uses – Professional headsets are engineered to elevate the professional experience. In a hybrid world where we work increasingly between the office, home, and co-working spaces, they enable us to transition seamlessly between places and tasks to maximize our productivity and flexibility. You can make office calls in the morning, listen to a podcast on the train home at lunchtime, and deliver that important presentation from your home office in the afternoon, all with one headset. 
  • Sound quality – Professional headsets are purpose-built to protect your ears, deliver clear audio, lower fatigue, and give your ears the best experience possible. 
  • Call quality – This is one area where professional headsets come out on top. Advanced technology, number of microphones, and boom arm make it possible for improved speech isolation that is often not possible with consumer headsets due to where and how mics are situated. 
  • Connectivity – Professional headsets provide a more comprehensive range of connectivity options to support business desk phones, computers, and mobile devices. Manufacturers of professional audio devices work with the leading communications and collaboration platform providers to develop solutions to support a broad range of use cases, devices, and environments. Select platforms like Microsoft Teams have created certification programs for peripherals such as headsets, speakerphones, webcams, and monitors to ensure they offer rich audio and video quality. Additionally, certified devices meet requirements to provide true plug-and-play and call control for a better experience for the end-users and those responsible for managing the devices. 
Devices make the experience

Other differences between consumer and professional or business-grade devices include:  

  • Packaging Business-grade solutions packaging is typically minimal and designed for mass deployments  
  • Warranty Business-grade solutions often provide a longer warranty than consumer models.  
  • Pre-Sales Support – Authorized Resellers can help guide customers with device selection for professional-grade devices. They can also coordinate virtual demos or physical demos for pilots and proof of concepts.  
  • Global Support – Leading device manufacturers support customers across multiple industries and all sizes, including international organizations. Some even offer dedicated support teams for large global customers. 
  • Ongoing commitment – Business communications and collaboration technology are rapidly advancing. The manufacturers and authorized resellers will keep you informed and educated on the latest and greatest so you can plan accordingly.  
  • Incentives – Business customers often have access to special programs, promos, and offers. 
  • Device Management Software – Professional device manufacturers like Poly, Jabra, EPOS, Logitech for Business, and others provide device management software to support distributed and remote workforces. This software allows administrators and IT managers to deploy, monitor, manage and maintain one or thousands of audio and video devices globally. Check out this video with a panel of experts from Poly, Jabra, EPOS, and Logitech discussing how device management software benefits businesses.  

A pair of consumer wireless earbuds may be adequate in a quiet environment for short voice calls. However, what is the audio quality and comfort level for longer, more complex calls? What if you are in a noisy location while in a Zoom or Microsoft Teams audio or video call from your laptop? Can you hear and be heard? Can the other party make out what you are saying? I challenge you to record your meetings or calls and playback to review the audio quality. Some clients and colleagues are candid and will inform you if the audio quality is poor. However, many will not and may leave the call with a poor impression. Worst, they may have missed vital information you were trying to convey.  

So many audio and video device choices! What solutions are best for your business? 

There are thousands of personal and group audio and video devices available today. It can be overwhelming as you start the process of identifying and selecting which solutions are best for your business. Fortunately, there are Authorized Resellers like Call One, Inc. who can help. Authorized Resellers adhere to manufacturers’ policies to ensure customers receive quality products and services. Additionally, their team members undergo extensive education, training, and certification to meet the manufacturers’ requirements to position the appropriate solutions based on your organization’s use cases.  

When teams were working in controlled office environments, it was easier to establish a set of device standards that would suit most. Today, business and IT leaders need to take a step back and profile their organization. Poly has done research that shows 92% of employees in a typical enterprise can be categorized into six different workstyles. Identifying the different work styles in your organization is the first step. Then you can outfit employees with the audio and video tools they need for the way they work. There are wireless headset options, corded USB headsets, corded and wireless headsets with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) speakers, and a wide range of webcams for desktop video. Some partners offer personal bundles and kits that include an audio and video device! Take a look at these incredible bundles! These kits simplify the process by reducing SKUs, streamlining deployment, supporting a wide range of work styles and budgets. 

Poly Studio P Series Kits include the Poly Studio P5 Webcam and your choice of audio device.  

Logitech offers these personal video collaboration kits that include a choice of webcam and Logitech Zone headset!

JPL has created this conferencing bundle.  

Konftel Video Kits 

Do you like one brand’s webcams but another’s headsets? Would you like to create a bundle that includes a webcam, headset, and speakerphone? An authorized reseller like Call One, Inc. can build custom soft bundles from multiple brands to support your team members’ work styles. With our Agent-in-a-Box Service, we can package in a single box and ship directly to your employees’ doorsteps anywhere in the United States. Contact us!  

What about audio and video solutions for small, medium, and large meeting spaces? 

Devices make the experience

Video-enabling meeting spaces, especially huddle and small to medium-sized rooms, is not as complex as it once was. Due to advances in technology and cloud-based collaboration platforms, there are affordable, easy to set up and use all-in-one video bars that simplify the process. Most video bars only have two cables to connect, power and USB. Still, have questions? How can we help? Check out available video bars from Poly, Jabra, Logitech, Konftel, VDO360, and Yealink at this link: All-in-One Video Bars – Solutions for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.  

Video Solutions by Space

Video Solutions by Platform 

Where can I see these solutions in action?  

A benefit of working with an Authorized Reseller like Call One, Inc. is we test a wide range of audio and video devices from multiple brands in real-world scenarios. Leading brands have experience centers in select metro areas, and subject matter experts sprinkled across the US. You can schedule a virtual demo for any of the video conferencing solutions by contacting an authorized reseller. Contact us! Check out our videos on the Call One, Inc. YouTube channel


The voice of your brand is important. To ensure that your team members look and sound their best, you must choose business-grade audio and video devices. Work with an authorized reseller and develop device standards to support the different workstyles in your organization and encourage your team members to select business solutions over consumer models. Deploy device management software to monitor and manage the devices and reduce help desk tickets. Today people can work from anywhere. Make sure they have the proper devices that will provide a better experience for all. If you need help, feel free to contact us!  

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