Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Review

By Danny Hayasaka

February 16, 2015

The Plantronics Voyager Edge UC is one cool little solution. It’s a Bluetooth headset (also supports NFC) that pairs with your mobile devices as well as a PC/Laptop via Bluetooth USB adapter for use with softphone clients as well as other web-based collaboration platforms. It comes in two variants:

B255, 202310-01 – Voyager Edge UC  – UC Standard version built for UC applications and softphones from Avaya®, Cisco®, IBM®, Skype® and more

B255-M, 202320-01 – Voyager Edge UC-M – Microsoft-certified version optimized for Microsoft® Lync and Microsoft OCS 2007

What’s in the box? Voyager Edge Headset with medium eartip attached, Charging Case, USB Bluetooth adapter, Micro USB cable, small and large eartips, and ear hook

At first glance: It’s a small, sleek, cool looking Bluetooth headset.

Set up & Use: It was fairly easy to set up. First I charged Voyager Edge UC in charging case (90 minutes for a full charge).  Voyager Edge also supports micro USB charging which is cool. Voyager Legend requires a proprietary charger.

This is an “in the ear” style eartip. So if you aren’t into that, then this isn’t for you. I personally don’t mind and it’s actually very comfortable to the point I forget I’m wearing. The occasional email/text notifications let me know I’m wearing.

When I turned on, it automatically went into pair mode. I went into my Bluetooth menu on my iPhone 6 plus and selected PLT_Edge. To pair to PC I simply connected Bluetooth USB adapter to a USB port and shortly thereafter I heard “PC connected”.

I have to admit that initially, I didn’t know how to answer/hang up. (I should probably read user guides/set up guides prior to use.)I just started dialing to make a test call. Below is a diagram of all the various buttons:

I’ve used many Bluetooth headsets, so I had a preconceived idea of what the audio quality would be like. I was pleasantly surprised. First I can hear loud and clear. Secondly and the most impressive was the noise canceling mic. Typically the shorter the boom mic, the poorer the noise canceling ability. The Voyager Edge changes that. The noise canceling was very good considering the size of the boom. I’m not saying it drowns out all background noise, I’m just saying for its size, it blocks out a considerable amount. I included an image of Voyager Edge vs Voyager Legend

Other Cool Features: The Charge Case actually acts as a secondary charger on the go if needed and adds an additional 10 hours of talk time for a total of 16 hrs of talk time. It also includes cool little slot/holder for the USB adapter.

The Voyager Edge UC has responsive smart sensor technology. This is a super cool feature that was first available with the Voyager Legend. This technology basically “knows” when you are wearing the headset and when you are not. If you get a phone call via your mobile and you are NOT wearing a headset, you can answer via your mobile device, if during the middle of call you place the headset on, the call is automatically transferred to Voyager Edge headset. Additionally, you can answer calls simply by putting the headset on. If you are streaming music and you get a call, it pauses music. You also have voice commands that make call management easy.

P2i technology is a nano-coating applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in invisible liquid repellent properties that help protect headset from rainy days or drink spills.

As always, with any USB device, I strongly recommend downloading the appropriate software. With Plantronics Hub you get added value of:

  • Call control across multiple softphones
  • Battery meter conveniently displays headset battery life remaining in PC icon tray
  • The headset control panel allows for customization of settings, including call notification and related options
  • UC presence automatically updated when on a call; not only on PC calls, but also when on mobile calls (Microsoft Lync and Skype only)

In closing: So far I’m digging the Voyager Edge UC. If your two main communications mediums are a mobile device and PC/Laptop, this may be a solution for you. It’s lightweight, comfortable, easy to set up but more importantly, it sounds good.




Plantronics BackBeat PRO Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless, Active Noise Canceling Headphones + Mic is another great addition to a solid Plantronics portfolio.

First the packaging is kind of cool. It was somewhat of an “experience” and I hadn’t even used the headphones yet.

What’s In the Box: Wireless, active noise canceling headphones, Ballistic nylon travel sleeve, 3.5mm inline cable (with 4‐pole for Apple), Micro USB charge cable

Plantronics BackBeat PRO ReviewPlantronics BackBeat PRO Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Review

Set Up: First thing I did was start charging my BackBeat PRO headphones by connecting Micro USB charging cable to headphones (port on left speaker) and USB portion to PC. (Please note I charged them on 10/16/14). Once headphones were charged (after 3 hrs) I quickly and easily paired to my iPad and iPhone. The first time you power on your headphones the pairing process begins. In addition to being able to pair via Bluetooth, BackBeat PRO also supports NFC (Near Field Communications). The NFC zone is also on left speaker. Additionally, you can pair to the Plantronics BT300 USB Dongle for use with softphone applications.

Actual Use: These headphones have tons of features. Let me get the one ding out of the way however it’s a minor ding considering how these would actually be used.  The microphone isn’t the best. It works well in terms of I can be heard clearly however, it does pick up background noise. Again, minor ding. Also, this is not really a “contact center” device. I see the knowledge worker using these to help them “focus” while at home, coffee shop, airport, subway, train, plane…you get the idea.

There is a power on/off button on right speaker in addition to answer/hang up button, Open mic button: allows you to listen to surroundings if you have ANC activated – If in a call, it acts as Mute button, volume up/down wheel. If your smartphone supports, you have voice-enabled assistant. Using answer/end button you can decline call as well as call back last number dialed.

The left speaker controls include Active Noise Canceling (ANC) switch, Play/Pause music and track selection wheel.

Here’s yet another cool feature! The Backbeat PRO has Smart Sensors like their Voyager Legend. Putting on headphones will play music, activate noise cancelling (when switched on) and answer call. Taking headphones off will pause music and deactivate noise cancelling (when switched on). So let’s say you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner jamming out to your favorite tunes and your significant other taps you on the shoulder to talk, just lifting the left speaker off ear pauses music so you can hear her. Once you’re done with conversation, place speaker back on ear and back to your song right where you left off!!!

Speakers lay flat for easy storage into the really cool bag that’s included.


Remember I stated I charged these back on 10/16/14. It’s now 10/28/14 and when I turn them on, the voice message states “Battery High”!!! So battery power is crazy long with these! I’ve been using daily with my iPad at home for listening to music and watching videos and movies. The audio quality is pretty awesome! I’m actually wearing them now as I type this. I’m testing out in middle of sales floor listening to some tunes. I feel as if I’m all alone in my own little world. I had to get up and look to see if anyone was in here.

Should you happen to exhaust battery, you can use the included 3.5mm Apple cable. The cable allows you to adjust the volume, play/pause music, track forward, track backward and activate Siri.

The Plantronics BackBeat PRO is a really cool feature packed set of headphones that can be used by pretty much by anyone. Not necessarily restricted for business. I use them more for personal entertainment and I think they’re great!


EncorePro HW530 and HW540

EncorePro HW530 and HW540 Review

Plantronics has introduced a new series of headsets called the EncorePro Series that includes the following models/variants:

Right now all variants are available including EncorePro HW530 and HW540.

HW530 – What’s in the box: EncorePro 530 headset that terminates in Plantronics QD, Lapel Clip, Small and Large Earhook, Headset Bag, Quick Start Guide

EncorePro HW530 and HW540EncorePro HW530 and HW540

HW540 What’s in the box: EncorePro 540 Headset that terminates in Plantronics QD, Lapel Clip, Small EarHook, Neckband, Headband, Headset Bag, Quick Start Guide

EncorePro HW530 and HW540 Set Up: Decide which wearing style. HW530 offers a small and large ear hook to choose from. The HW540 offers small ear hook, neckband and headband. Plantronics really did some work in making it super easy to change wearing styles. The ear hooks, neckband and headband easily snap on and off. Next step connect Plantronics QD to Plantronics interface ie. M22, 26716-01 Cable, HIC Cable, AP15, etc. In my case, I connected to DA45 USB Adapter and then into my PC with Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business) client while using the EncorePro.

Actual Use: The first thing you’ll notice is how very lightweight and sleek looking the EncorePro HW530 and HW540 variants are. I tried all wearing styles and all were comfortable. Another cool little feature is the little gauge on the ear piece to show mic position to ensure proper positioning every time.

EncorePro HW530 and HW540EncorePro HW530 and HW540


Audio Quality: The speaker audio quality is good. I can hear clearly. The transmit quality is also very good. I can be heard clearly. Here’s my only ding. The noise canceling mic isn’t that noise canceling. Feedback I received from folks I called was they could hear background noise. Other than that, the EncorePro 530/540 are pretty solid in terms of performance.

The Plantronics EncorePro HW530 and HW540 are the lightest corded headsets I’ve worn to date. Even though small and light as they are, Plantronics was able to get very good audio quality in them. I especially liked how super easy it was to change wearing styles. The EncorePro HW530 and HW540 are nice additions to the Plantronics portfolio.


Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve is new series of USB headsets that includes multiple models however this particular variant is one of the cooler headsets I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating. What we’re reviewing today is the Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo.

Two Evolve 80 variants:

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo (Jabra SKU# JBR-7899-823-109-003 )

Jabra Evolve 80 UC Stereo (Jabra SKU# JBR-14401-11-018 )

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

What’s in the box: Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo Headset, Carry Pouch, Cable Management clip, USB Controller (Jabra Evolve Link), User Guide & Warranty Info

Set Up for Softphone Use: The Evolve includes hardwired 3.5mm cable that connects into the USB Controller. Connect USB cable into USB port on PC. Like the majority of business use headsets, it’s important to download the appropriate software for optimal quality and feature functionality. Jabra offers Jabra PC Suite (now Jabra Direct) for individual download or Jabra Xpress for mass deployment. Once downloaded, check to see firmware is up to date. Since we use Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business) I have also configured for Microsoft.

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Right and Left ear speakers are clearly marked. The boom microphone is on the right side.

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo

The USB Controller includes answer/end call button, volume down, volume up, mute switch and Busylight indicator (little ring around Jabra logo).

Another cool feature that at first may go unnoticed is the little grippy pad on the underside of the USB controller. It prevents controller from sliding on your desk. Most other USB headsets with inline control typically hang down by your knees and aren’t very practical. So this is nice feature.  Additionally you can accept and handle multiple calls at same time via USB controller. Read user manual for “how to” do this.

The Evolve 80 has Active Noise Canceling (ANC) which is awesome feature if you really need to concentrate and block out background noise. The ANC on/off button is located on the underside of Right speaker. There is also a “Listen In” feature that allows you to listen to your surroundings if you need to. Listen in button also Right speaker under Jabra logo.

You must charge headset for at least 3hrs for ANC to work. Once charged you get up to 24 hrs. of ANC time. Battery indicator light on underside of Left speaker. Evolve 80 must be connected via USB for headset to charge. 3.5mm cable alone will not charge headset.

Set Up for Mobile Device: Disconnect 3.5mm cable from USB Controller and connect 3.5mm plug to mobile device that supports. Reminder that headset does not charge when connected via 3.5mm plug.

If your softphone supports transferring call to mobile device, you can switch from PC to mobile.

Actual Wear and Use: I’m all for the “open office” concept.  It does foster more collaboration amongst co-workers however at times it can get “noisy” and hard to concentrate. The Evolve 80 is a great solution. When you really need to concentrate simply put your Evolve 80 headset on, turn on the ANC and focus. The speakers completely surround your ears in what feels like a cushiony pillow.

Yet another great feature is the Busylight indicator on both speakers and USB controller. It lets others know you are in a call. Additionally you can manually turn on/off Busylight. Again, if you need to focus and not be bothered, turn on the Busylight indicator so folks leave you alone.

I LOVE listening to music while working. These Evolve 80 stereo headsets produce great audio quality while listening to music. One of the features of Lync I use sometimes is forwarding calls to my mobile device. I can connect the Evolve 80 to my mobile device and stream music. Paired with Active Noise Canceling turned on it’s like the whole world just disappears and I can just enjoy the music!

In closing, I believe Jabra has knocked it out of the park with the Evolve 80 stereo headset. These can be used at work, home or when traveling in trains and planes. The Active Noise Canceling is comparable if not better than my Bose headphones. I will be replacing my Bose with the new Jabra Evolve 80!


Jabra PRO 935 Dual Connectivity Review

The Jabra PRO 935 Dual Connectivity wireless headset is part of a larger PRO 900 Series family. All variants include Headband and Ear Hook wearing styles.

PRO 920/930 Variants:

PRO 925 Variants:

  • Single Connectivity
    • PRO 925 – Desk Phone
    • Dual Connectivity
      • PRO 925 Dual Connectivity – Desk Phone and Mobile

PRO 935 Variants:

  • Single Connectivity
    • PRO 935 – PC Only
      • SKU# 935-15-509-185
    • PRO 935 MS – PC Only (Lync Optimized)
      • SKU# 935-15-503-185
    • Dual Connectivity –
      • Bluetooth & NFC
      • PRO 935 Dual Connectivity – PC and Mobile
        • SKU# 935-15-509-205
      • PRO 935 MS Dual Connectivity – PC and Mobile (Skype for Business)

I was curious to test this new Jabra PRO 935 Dual Connectivity wireless headset.

What’s in the box?: Headset, Base, Headband, Ear Hook, USB Cable, AC Power Cable, and some FCC notice.

Jabra PRO 935 Dual Jabra PRO 935 Dual

Jabra PRO 935 Dual


Initial thoughts: Looks just like the PRO 930 MS and looks super easy to set up.

Set Up: Super simple to set up. Only two cables: Power cable you plug into outlet and USB Cable.

Jabra PRO 935 Dual Jabra PRO 935 Dual

Next, you need to decide wearing style. Personally, I think Jabra needs to do a little work on designing better over the ear hook. Not a fan of this current ear hook however, others seem to like it. I personally prefer headband for this headset. Changing out wearing styles is very easy as well. Headband and ear hook just snap on and off. You can wear on right or left ear. Place headset on charging base to charge.

I test a lot of different headsets so I am fully aware that for any USB headsets, you should really download the manufacturers’ software. In this case, it’s Jabra PC Suite (now Jabra Direct) or for enterprise Jabra Xpress. I help a lot of customers as well as our internal users with “getting their headset to work”. Often times when Jabra USB headset “isn’t working” the first question I ask is, “Do you have Jabra PC Suite or Xpress?” The most common answer is, “No”. Typically once the software is downloaded, they will find they have to “Update” the firmware. This is very important if you wish to have optimal performance out of your Jabra USB headset corded or wireless. Another thing end-users tend to neglect is going into your PC’s Control Panel à Hardware & Sound or Sound à Make Jabra PRO 935 your default device for Playback and Recording if you wish to have all PC sounds go through your headset.

Once updates are complete, you can open Jabra PC Suite Control Center to view other options and customize feature/functionality further.

I use Microsoft Lync so I go into my Lync Options menu and select Jabra PRO 935 as my audio device.

Pairing to Mobile Device: Again very easy process. With the headset on, press mobile device button on the front of the base of PRO 935 until it goes into pairing mode (pairing mode announcement made in headset). Go to Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and select “Jabra PRO”, it should “connect”. Jabra PRO 935 does support streaming audio from a mobile device so you can listen to music or audio from videos.

I didn’t pair to NFC device however I have in the past and that is super simple. Just tap headset NFC zone to NFC enabled mobile device and a message pops up asking if you would like to pair. Again, very easy.

Headset Controls: The Jabra PRO 935 has very pronounced and easy to use controls. The Multi-function button acts as answer/hang up for Lync calls as well as mobile calls. Then there are volume up (+), volume down (-) and mute buttons.

Jabra PRO 935 Dual

Audio Quality: The audio quality is good. I can hear just fine and I haven’t heard any complaints from people I call about transmit issues.

Wireless Range: Jabra claims up to 300ft from base and 33ft from a mobile device. We have 25,000 sq ft facility and I was able to go to every corner of the building and still remain connected to call. I did begin to cut out in the stairwell as I headed downstairs. However, that’s typical of most wireless headsets. For Bluetooth wireless, it was a very good range. Again, I’m able to roam throughout our office space with no problems. Of course, we have a very open workspace. Wireless range is always dependent on a variety of factors like building material, floor layout, other wireless devices, etc.

Closing Comments: This has been a very good solid performing headset. The initial purpose of the new PRO 925 and Jabra PRO 935 Dual variants was to support high-density wireless deployments as these new variants use 2G4 Wireless (Bluetooth 2.4GHz operating frequency). However, I believe these can be great standalone devices purchased by anyone looking for wireless PC and Mobile connectivity in the office. Another awesome feature is 12hr Talk Time!!! Fortunately, I haven’t had to work a full 12hrs but it does last a full 8am-5pm day.

Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML – Product Review

July 29, 2014

By Danny Hayasaka

Sennheiser was here the other day and left me this little gem of a product, the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML.

What you get in the box: Headset, Dongle, USB charging stand, Safety guide, InCompliance leaflet, Quick guide

Set Up: Like most USB headsets today, it’s important to download Sennheiser software especially HeadSetUp and Sennheiser Updater. For connection to PC, insert USB dongle into USB port. Device drivers will install. Appears to automatically pair to USB dongle. Connect Charging Stand via USB to PC. Allow headset to charge

  • 40 min fast charge for 7.5hrs of talk time
  • 2hr 30 min complete charge cycle for 15hrs of talk time

You can check battery charge level by pressing multi-function button and voice prompt tells you “Above 10 hrs talk time”. You can also place headset on charge stand and watch the blue LED light. Red light blinks once if below 1hr talk time. Blue light blinks four times if above 10 hrs of talk time.

To pair to mobile device place headset into Bluetooth Pairing mode

  • Turn headset off by pressing multi-function button for like two seconds
  • Press and hold multi-function button until you hear “Pairing” about 6 seconds
  • Place mobile device into pairing mode
  • Select “Sennheiser MB Pro..”
  • Should pair right up

Pretty standard pairing procedure, you will hear voice prompt telling “Pairing successful” plus if paired to dongle it will let you know you are paired to dongle as well.

Volume and Mute Control Switch – forwards and back to increase/decrease volume. Press in to mute during call and press again to unmute.

Actual use: We use Microsoft Lync here so I was able to select Sennheiser from list of audio devices (I have several Lync devices connected to my PC) I made a few test calls via Lync and was surprised at the range I received. I can roam basically throughout our entire 2nd floor. Please note we have open floor plan except for a few offices around the perimeter and conf room in the middle. Audio quality was pretty poor in stairwell and when I went to the furthest corner of building. That was expected however, it did NOT disconnect the call.

Audio quality of standard call was really good and the noise canceling mic appears to work well and better than most standard NC mics.

Here’s where it gets good. The headset seems “to know” when you are streaming music and the volume level and audio quality seem to improve to support music. STREAMING MUSIC SOUNDS REALLY GOOD!!! As we know,  most Bluetooth headsets that support PC/Mobile connectivity (Voyager Legend UC, Motion UC, VoxStar UC, Presence UC)  are “single ear” and music sounds, “okay” at best when being streamed. Music pumping through both speakers is like being in your own little world at work. If a call comes through, you can answer. When you hang up, you go right back to the music. And…with the crazy battery life of the MB Pro 2, you are assured uninterrupted music and talking during your work day.

Conclusion: The Sennheiser MB Pro 2 is a nice addition to the Sennheiser portfolio. If you are an individual who requires dual connectivity (PC/Laptop and Mobile device), and wants to drown the outside world by streaming music or you just prefer dual ear coverage with a very good noise canceling mic, then the MB Pro 2 is for you. It comes in two variants:

  1. SEN-506045-006 Optimized for major softphone and UC brands, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.
  2. SEN-506046-006 Optimized for Microsoft Lync, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.


Jabra Motion Office Review

We received the Jabra Motion Office about a month ago and I was so excited to review and  test this new multi-connectivity wireless offering by Jabra.

Two variants:

  1. 6670-904-105 Jabra Motion Office
  2. 6670-904-305 Jabra Motion Office MS – Optimized for Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business)

What you get in the box:  Jabra Motion headset, Touchscreen base, Wall Charger, Micro-USB cable (long), Telephone cable, Soft Pouch, Jabra Link 360 USB Bluetooth dongle (this is awesome as this makes for true UC device that can be used in the office, while commuting and at home or where ever you are), Ear Gels (S, M, L), Micro-USB cable (Short)

Jabra Motion Office ReviewJabra Motion Office Review


Set Up: In our Jabra Motion Office Review, before setting up I recommend downloading Jabra PC Suite (now Jabra Direct). Jabra PC Suite provides a nice Graphic User Interface (GUI) via your PC/Laptop and offers multiple options/settings. Because of the 2.4-inch color touchscreen, set up is nice and easy. Simply follow the prompts. Fortunately, I only have a PC and mobile phone to connect/pair to. However, I have set up PRO 9470 with desk phone in the past and it was easy as well. Basically set headset on charger base. Connect power to the wall. Connect the USB cable to PC and if you have phone connect the telephone cable to phone or it does support EHS cables and/or Handset Lifter. All ports on the touchscreen base are clearly labeled. For added feature, there is a slot for Online Indicator Light that comes in really handy.

Jabra Motion Office Review

Jabra Motion Office Review

Jabra Motion Office ReviewOnce set up, you have the option via Touchscreen or Jabra PC Suite GUI to adjust settings. For example, you may want to set it so when you undock headset it answers automatically.

Jabra Motion Headset: As I mentioned earlier the headset itself is comfortable. The speaker portion slides up and down for added comfort and custom fit. The mic boom is the “on/off” switch so you can clearly see if the headset is on or off. The volume adjustment is touch sensitive, merely stroke back of headset up or down to adjust volume. The answer/hang-up button is easily located right on the speaker portion or if available, utilizes voice activation. Also, there is a little button under the mic that allows you to activate voice commands. In addition to Bluetooth, the Jabra Motion also supports NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Also has “motion sensors” however not certain how/what that is for just yet. There is a “Busylight” indicator on the earpiece to show others if you are in a call. This is headset is just jam-packed with features. I’ll list more below…

Audio Quality: The audio quality was much better than expected. Manufacturers have really been stepping up their game when it comes to professional grade Bluetooth’s. I volume is loud enough and I can hear clearly. My transmit quality seems to be good as I haven’t had any complaints.

Talk Time: Jabra states up to 7hrs. I have been on back to back hour long conference calls plus many short calls throughout an 8hr day and the Jabra Motion has lasted.

Switching from mobile to PC calls is a snap via Touchscreen.

Conclusion: If you are a professional that would benefit by having one headset to connect/pair to multiple devices in and out of the office, the Jabra Motion Office is your solution.

Connect to your desk phone (supports EHS and/or Handset Lifter for remote answer/hang up feature), PC/Laptop via USB cable or included USB Bluetooth dongle AND your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The audio quality is very good and the Motion has enough talk time to make it through a busy day. The included soft pouch and spare micro-USB charging cable really comes in handy so you can keep your Motion charged in and out of the office.

I believe Jabra has a really great solution with the Jabra Motion Office.


  • ƒƒ Motion sensor technology
  • ƒƒ Power Nap for extended battery performance
  • ƒƒ Intelligent volume control
  • ƒƒ NFC technology
  • ƒƒ Volume touch controls
  • ƒƒ Voice controls
  • ƒƒ HD Voice and A2DP music streaming audio
  • ƒƒ Wireless freedom – Up to 100m/300ft
  • ƒƒ Noise Blackout™ 3.0
  • ƒƒ Wind noise protection
  • ƒƒ Jabra SafeTone™
  • ƒƒ Busylight indicator
  • ƒƒ Adjustable height for a perfect fit


  • ƒƒ4-inch color touchscreen
  • ƒƒ Desk phone, PC and Mac, and Bluetooth® mobile device connectivity
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen-guided setup for desk phone, PC and Mac, and mobile device connections
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen call control for all connected phones
  • ƒƒ On-screen caller ID (mobile devices, PC and Mac only)
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen Dial-pad (mobile devices and supported softphones only)
  • ƒƒ Headset recharge docking cradle

Logitech CC3000e Review

By Danny Hayasaka

April 7, 2014

I can’t believe I haven’t written about the Logitech CC3000e!?

This is a super exciting product. All the buzz these days is “collaboration”. There are numerous web-based collaboration platforms customers are using: Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Bluejeans, Zoom, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, etc.

There hasn’t really been a good solution for web-based collaboration meeting outside of 1-4 people using standard USB webcam and USB speakerphone.

When you have 5-10 people, you really need a more robust solution. You need a better speakerphone and you definitely need a better camera. The Logitech CC3000e is the solution.

It’s a USB device that is PC and Mac compatible and is compatible/optimized/certified with all the major collaboration platform providers.

What you get in the box: Speakerphone, Camera, Remote Control, Powered Hub, Wall/Table Mount, Two 16-foot cables for Speakerphone/Hub and Camera/Hub Connection, USB cable for Hub/PC Connection, Adhesive solution for hub mounting, Power adapter and Quick Start Guide.

Set Up: The actual set up is easy. What may help make it even easier is if you determine “where” the camera and speaker will go? Actually connecting the camera and speakerphone to the hub is easy. Connecting the USB cable to a PC is simple. And just about anyone can connect the power adapter to the wall.

Use: I personally have had multiple video calls across a variety of platforms: Microsoft Lync, Skype, Bluejeans, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Vidyo and more. The picture clarity and audio were great. I can hear and be heard clearly. With the handy remote control, I can pan, tilt and zoom camera to position it to exactly what I want the viewer to see. I have some pictures in my office that I like to zoom in on to show the powerful zoom and just really nice crisp video. Perfect for zooming in on a whiteboard. There is one preset webcam angle. That makes it nice to zero back in if during call cam has been pointing here and there. There is also a lens security cover so you can rest assured you are not seen if you don’t wish to be.

In addition to connecting via USB to PC/Laptop/Mac the speakerphone also has Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). This allows you to have better audio for a conference call from your mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

Conclusion: The Logitech CC3000e gets two thumbs way up. There is so much versatility with this device. Set up and use are simple. Because it’s USB, it works across multiple platforms plus it’s Bluetooth and NFC enabled. This is great for any organization looking to enhance their meetings, for interviews, training, teaching, brainstorming sessions, for collaborating. The BEST part is the price. Normally video codecs with PTZ cams can cost thousands and thousands of dollars and possibly a proprietary platform/infrastructure. The Logitech CC3000e is ONLY $999!!! The only negative thing about the CC3000e is that we can’t keep them on our shelves!!! I’m not the only one who is impressed and sees the value of this device. Order yours today!


VXi CC Pro Review

Received VXi CC Pro 4010G Monaural Headset with Jabra QD.

In the Bag: Yes, this product does not come in a product box but in a bubble wrap bag much like the Plantronics C300 Series. Inside you have the CC Pro 4010G headset and VXi CC Pro Headset Instructions


Initial thoughts: Looks like solid contact center headset with clearly large foam ear cushion.

Set Up: Basically you place headset on headband style with one ear covered. Connect QD portion to appropriate compatible QD cable/amplifier/adapter.

I received “G” variant of CC Pro so I connected to Link 265 and my PC with Microsoft Lync.

I must say headband is a bit snug on initial wear however you can remove headband and gently stretch headband to loosen it up a bit.

Because I’m using Jabra Link 265, it was plug and play with Microsoft Lync. Lync client recognizes Link 265 and I have all the feature functionality: answer/hang up, mute, volume up/down

Audio Quality: Had several test calls including one fairly long conference call and audio was good. There were no complaints from persons I was calling and the audio on my end was very good. The noise canceling appears to be very good. On one of the test calls I played music in the background and slowly increased volume. I had the volume up loud (not maxed out but then even I wouldn’t be able to hear myself). Person on other end had to be told there was music playing however they couldn’t really distinguish song and it seemed to cut out when I was talking.


VXi CC ProVXi CC Pro

VXi CC Pro

VXi CC Pro

Closing Comments: This is a fairly priced contact center headset the competes with Plantronics SupraPlus, Jabra GN 2000 Series and Sennheiser’s SH 300 Series. Key selling point is that like other VXi QD headsets, you have the options of Jabra, Plantronics and VXi Quick Disconnect variants to easily transition from those brands to VXi.

Jabra Link 265

We received the Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y for Jabra QD Headsets a little while back however just now getting around to writing about it.

In the Box:  Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y Cable with inline control, Jabra Link 265 Quick Start Guide

Jabra Link 265


Set Up: The Jabra Link 265 is very easy to set up. Just plug into USB port and you’re done. Connect two Jabra Headsets with Quick Disconnect (QD) like the new BIZ 2300 Series Headsets. The green birdband is for agent and the red is for supervisor.

Jabra Link 265

Use: Once you have Jabra Link 265 and headsets connected you are ready to use. The softphone/pc based application will determine whether or not you will have call control via inline control. I have Microsoft Lync (now Microsoft Skype for Business) and was able to answer/hang up, adjust speaker volume and mute. One of the cooler features of this Jabra device is that you have the option to mute the supervisor headset and place it in listen only mode. Or, you can have both headset wearers receive and transmit.

Jabra Link 265

The audio quality was very good on my end as well as to the folks I called.

Conclusion: This Jabra solution is a must have for contact centers or any organization that requires supervisor or “buddy” training in a softphone environment. To date, there is no such thing as a training-y for USB headsets (It’s a PC/USB thing – only recognizes one audio path at a time). This is a much cleaner solution. Currently customers need two QD headsets, Training-Y and QD to USB Adapter to accommodate training. For those who have done this understand that is a LOT OF CABLE all over the place. This is a much, much cleaner solution; just two Jabra QD headsets and the Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y. Very awesome product and solution!