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DECT headsets Hybrid Work

How to use existing Poly and Jabra DECT wireless headsets for Hybrid Work

Organizations seeking to provide a consistent audio experience for their hybrid workforce have a few questions they need to answer like, “Is their setup the same in their home as their office? If not, what are the differences?” More questions to consider can be found in this blog: Questions to ask when selecting audio and video devices for Hybrid Work.

I will share a couple examples of how to convert headsets you may be using today into a hybrid work solution for audio. Starting with the Poly Savi 8200 Office Series and ending with the Jabra Engage 75/65 Series.

Poly Savi 8200 Office for Hybrid Work

Many organizations have deployed the Poly Savi 8200 Office. However, due to the Savi headset and base, phone interface cable or EHS cable connected to their desk phone, USB cable connected to their work computer, and AC power supply that’s part of the spaghetti of cables under their workstation, it’s not really designed to be “portable”.

The Poly D200 DECT Wireless Savi Adapter can be purchased separately as an accessory to enable PC connection. They are available in in USB-A, USB-C, UC, and Microsoft variants.

To see how to pair your Savi 8200 Series headset to the D200 DECT Wireless Savi Adapter, watch video below!

The other accessory you will need is a charger for the headset or battery depending on which Savi 8200 Office headset model you have.

Jabra Engage 65/75 Series for Hybrid Work

The DECT wireless Jabra Engage 75 and Engage 65 Series are top sellers deployed in thousands of offices nationwide. Enable your Jabra Engage 75/65 or Jabra Evolve USB wireless headset to work as a corded USB device with the Jabra USB-A Cable – 14201-26 that is included with the Jabra Engage 75/65 system. The cable is black with a length of 4.9 ft/ 1.5 m. Leave the Jabra Engage base, telephone interface cable or EHS cable, and AC power supply in the office and take the headset and USB cable to work from home or from anywhere!

If you prefer to leave set up in office intact and not disconnect existing USB cable from the Engage base, buy a spare USB cable for only $23.

There is a prerequisite, you must have installed firmware version 2.0.5 or later (Jabra Direct version 4.x or later is required to install the firmware update) so you can use your Jabra Engage 65/75 wireless headset as a wired USB audio device.

Please note when your headset is connected as a wired USB audio device, call controls and the busylight feature on the headset are not supported.

See the steps to use your headset as a wired USB audio device in the video below!

If you would like to learn more about audio and video solution for the hybrid workforce, please contact us directly. As authorized partners of Poly, Jabra, Logitech, JPL, Cisco, EPOS and more, we can help your business identify solutions to support the multiple use cases across your organization.

See the steps on how to pair a Savi 8220 headset to a D200 Savi Adapter (dongle) and the steps on how to convert an Engage 75 / 65 headset to a wired USB headset in video below!

What Replaced Poly Savi 400

What Replaced the Poly Savi 400 Series?

The Poly (formerly Plantronics) Savi 410, 420, 430, 440 and 445 are End of Life (EOL). Their last order date was June 9, 2020 and last ship date was August 9, 2020 or while supplies lasted. In this blog and video, we show what replaced the Poly Savi 400 series and provide differences and similarities.

The Savi 410

MSRP: $199.95

  • With the wireless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology, answer your calls remotely while multitasking around the workplace
  • Sit comfortably anywhere in your room as the W410 offers wireless range of up to 300 ft
  • Great for Audio/Visual Labs, Assisted Listening Systems and more that have a Mono jack for non-stereo use
  • Sharp looking over head design will give you a comfortable fit
  • Boom mic lets you chat with your friends & family on Skype and on multiplayer network games
  • The supra-aural aka on-ear headset features DECT wireless technology

The Replacement – Savi 8210 UC

MSRP: $299.95

  • Wireless multi-device connectivity
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Noise-canceling microphone with close conversation limiting
  • Voice alerts
  • One-touch controls
  • Ringer in the base
  • Up to 13 hours of talk time
What Replaced Poly Savi 400
Part NumberModel DescriptionReplaced ByReplacement Part NumberReplacement Model Description
84008-03W420,SAVI,OTH BIN,UC,DECT 6.0,NA209215-01Savi 8220 UC, S8220 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, OTH, STEREO, DECT 6.0, NA
84008-04W420,SAVI,OTH BIN,UC,DECT,E+A,AUS/NZ209215-02Savi 8220 UC, S8220 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, OTH, STEREO, DECT, UK/EURO/AUS/NZ
84008-01W420-M,SAVI,OTH BIN,MSFT CERT DECT 6.0,NA209214-01Savi 8220 UC, S8220-M C USB-A,D200 USB-A,OTH,STEREO,MST CERT, DECT 6.0, NA
84007-03W410,SAVI,OTH MON,UC,DECT 6.0,NA209213-01Savi 8210 UC, S8210 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, OTH, MONO, DECT 6.0, NA
84007-04W410,SAVI,OTH MON, UC, DECT, E+A, AUS/NZ209213-02Savi 8210 UC, S8210 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, OTH, MONO, DECT, UK/EURO/AUS/NZ
84007-01W410-M,SAVI,OTH MON,MSFT CERT,DECT 6.0,NA209212-01Savi 8210 UC, S8210-M C USB-A, D200 USB-A ,OTH,MONO, MSFT CERT, DECT 6.0, NA
82396-11W430,SAVI,OTE,DECT 6.0,NA206110-101VOYAGER 5200 UC,B5200,WW
82396-12W430A,SAVI,OTE,DECT,UK/EURO/AUS/NZ206110-101VOYAGER 5200 UC,B5200,WW
82397-12W430A-M,SAVI, OTE, DECT, UK/EURO/AUS/NZ206110-101VOYAGER 5200 UC,B5200,WW
82397-11W430-M,SAVI,OTE,DECT 6.0,NA206110-101VOYAGER 5200 UC,B5200,WW
203946-01W440,DECT 6.0,NA211200-01Savi 8240 UC, S8240 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, CONVERTIBLE,
203946-02W440A,DECT,UK/EURO/AUS/NZ211200-02Savi 8240 UC, S8240 C USB-A,
203947-02W440A-M,DECT,UK/EURO/AUS/NZ211201-02Savi 8240 UC, S8240-M C USB-A, D200 USB-A, CONVERTIBLE, MOC, DECT,UK, EURO,AUS,NZ
203947-01W440-M,DECT 6.0,NA211201-01Savi 8240 UC, S8240-M C USB-A, D200 USB-A, CONVERTIBLE, MOC, DECT 6.0,NA
203948-01W445, U-TT, DECT 6.0 NA211203-01Savi 8245 UC,S8245 C USB-A,D200 USB-A,UNLIMITED TT,CONV,DECT 6.0,NA
203948-02W445A, U-TT, DECT, UK/EURO/AUS/NZ211203-02Savi 8245 UC, S8245 C USB-A, D200 USB-A, UNLIMITED TT, CONV, DECT, UK,EURO,AUS,NZ
203949-01W445-M, U-TT, DECT 6.0, NA211204-01Savi 8245 UC, S8245-M USB-A, D200 USB-A, UNLIMITED TT, CONV, MOC,DECT 6.0,NA
203949-02W445A-M, U-TT, DECT, UK/EURO/AUS/NZ211204-02Savi 8245 UC, S8245-M USB-A, D200 USB-A, UNLIMITED TT, CONV, MOC,DECT,UK,
203949-03W445-M, U-TT, DECT 6.0, NA, EXXONN/ANo Replacement

Flexible connectivity
Today’s enterprise and contact center professionals work on a range of devices—from PCs and Macs to mobile phones and desk phones. Savi 8200 Office Series headset bases have 3-way connectivity—computer, desk phone and mobile phone—for convenient conferencing on up to two devices at once. For those wanting computer connectivity only, the Savi 8200 UC Series is the ideal choice.

Better Wireless Conversation

People sound their best, even in noisy environments, wearing DECT™ stereo headsets with active noise canceling to block out noise around the speaker. For sensitive conversations, where extra privacy is needed, they can turn up the Close Conversation Limiting feature.

Stay Charged. Take it further.

Savi 8200 Office and UC Series headsets are ready when needed with up to 13 hours of talk time on a single charge and a hot swappable battery for unlimited talk time. Everyone can move, multitask and get more done. Convenient voice prompts notify them of mute status, wireless range limit and more.

There are a lot more changes and replacements to the Savi 400 family. Want to see all of what replaced Poly Savi 400? Check out our latest YouTube video below and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Plus, check out additional Poly solutions here.

Thanks for tuning in!