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What’s the difference between Jabra Evolve2 40 and Evolve 40?

By Danny Hayasaka

June 25, 2020

With the new Jabra Evolve2 40 available, customers are asking, “What’s the difference between Evolve 40 and Evolve2 40?”

First, there is a drastic design difference and appearance between them. Admittingly, when the Evolve 40 first came on scene, it was a “cool” looking” headset with its pops of orange-ish color. The new Evolve2 40 in my opinion, is more aesthetically pleasing. However, you be the judge. Appearances are very subjective.

Jabra-Evolve2-40-UC-Office lifestyle

Next the Evolve 40 supported 3.5mm and USB-A and USB-C connectivity. The Evolve2 40 only supports USB-A and USB-C connectivity, no 3.5mm option.

Both Evolve 40 and Evolve2 40 offer single and dual ear wearing styles. And are available in UC and Microsoft Teams variants. Both have a busy light on speaker to indicate to others you are in a call. The Evolve2 40 has a more pronounced busy light that is visible from all angles however it’s more than just a busy light. It also acts as a status indicator. It glows red if in a call. Green for incoming call. And if plugged into computer signed into Microsoft Teams it will light up purple (MS Teams variants only).

Diagram - LEDs

The primary difference is the movement of call controls. The Evolve 40 had an inline control “puck” where the new Evolve2 40 has all the controls in the earpiece.

Jabra Evolve 40 control
Evolve2 40 diagram

The other major difference is the dedicated Microsoft Teams button on the MS variants. This button allows you to bring the Microsoft Teams window to the front on a Windows PC, join a MS Teams meeting, and check missed calls and voicemail.

The Evolve2 40 offers Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification. This enhanced requirement for headsets offers the best possible performance for use in noisy environments or open offices where nearby sounds or voices are present.

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How does the new Evolve2 40 sound? Watch Evolve2 40 Mic Test Video below!

The similarities between Evolve 40 and Evolve2 40

  • Single and Dual Ear Headband Wearing Styles

  • USB-A and USB-C connectivity

  • UC and Microsoft Teams variants

  • Busy Light

The differences between Evolve 40 and Evolve2 40

  • Appearance and color

  • 3.5mm connectivity – Evolve 40

  • Controls – Evolve 40 In Line Control (puck), Evolve2 40 controls in earpiece

  • Enhanced Busy Light – Evolve2 40 is visible from any direction and provides Status LED

  • Microsoft Teams Button – available in Evolve2 40 Microsoft Variants

  • Meets Open Office requirements – Evolve2 40

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