Manage headset related help desk tickets, before they manage you.

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August 23, 2017
Open Office Headset Solutions
March 6, 2018
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Manage headset related help desk tickets, before they manage you.

When hardware is not working optimally, it can have a huge impact on productivity and overall UC adoption. Your IT Manager, can tell you how fast those help desk tickets pile up and effect their groups productivity. In fact, the average help desk ticket cost in North America is $15.56. How do you think your IT department would feel if they could proactively manage and maintain a portion of the hardware related help desk tickets, remotely before they interrupt the workflow of the day?

Plantronics Manager Pro, a web based service allows you to see all headset assets that are active, inactive and out of service within your organization. It allows you to schedule software and firmware updates remotely, before they become help desk tickets. IT can manage and troubleshoot remotely for mobile or remote employees. Analyze and track conversation and acoustic events for better user and customer experiences.

For IT, it means proactive management of headsets. For the end user it means seamless communication experience. Plantronics Manager Pro enables IT to track detailed insights about devices and effortlessly update them, on their own schedule. No more IT help desk backlogs, no more running from user to user for adjustments, fixes, or software updates. Now your IT department can effortlessly monitor, manage, and maintain your headset inventory and ensure a successful UC implementation.

To learn how Plantronics Manager Pro can save your IT department valuable time and improve UC adoption, schedule a demo today.



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