Jabra PRO 900 Series Wireless Headsets – Simple, Reliable, Affordable

Jabra Pro 900 Series Wireless Headsets – Simple, Reliable, Affordable
April 21, 2016
Jim Schwarz
July 18, 2016
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Jabra PRO 900 Series Wireless Headsets – Simple, Reliable, Affordable

Wireless headsets are much more prevalent in the work space. I remember many, many years ago the first wireless headsets by ACS then GN Netcom. And of course Plantronics joined in and took the market by storm. Now all major headset manufacturers offer wireless solutions. I remember how hard it was to get businesses other than call centers to even consider trying corded headsets.

When wireless headsets finally became affordable we couldn’t keep enough on our shelves. There is no question wireless headsets increase productivity. What’s been happening over the past decade is a shift in how businesses/people communicate and collaborate. Most businesses don’t have just one method. They have desk phones, softphones, web based collaboration platforms and of course mobile devices.

Wireless headset manufacturers began developing multi-connectivity wireless headset options to fit the varying connectivity requirements. While extremely beneficial for multiple businesses…there is still a need for a more simple solution.

Jabra offers the PRO 900 Series. What I like about this series is the simplicity. They are easy to set up and use. They have great talk time, very good audio quality and well… they just work.

I think customers/vendors sometimes forget this series exist. I also think there is some confusion with the multiple PRO 900 Series variants. I’ll try and simplify.

The PRO 900 Series has four main connectivity options:


Why so many variants? Jabra recognizes the increase in wireless headset use. To help address wireless density issues, they offer DECT and Bluetooth options. If model ends in “0” it’s DECT. If model ends in “5” it’s Bluetooth. The Jabra PRO 920 Mono is DECT. The PRO 935 Single Connectivity would be Bluetooth.

Now that you know which models are which…here’s what makes the PRO 900 Series winners:

  • TALK TIME!!!
    • Up to 8hrs – PRO 920 and PRO 930 variants
    • Up to 12hrs – PRO 925 and PRO 935 variants
  • Conference up to 4 Headsets on one base
    • Great for Training purposes and multi-shift scenarios


    • Supports EHS Cables (sold separately)
      • Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Toshiba to name a few
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Mono Variants Convertible
    • Headband and Over the ear (This is probably my only con. Ear hook not the most comfortable if worn for long periods of time – at least for me)
  • Dual Connectivity Variants
    • Desk Phone and Mobile
    • Softphone and Mobile – It just works. Once mobile is paired it connects as soon as you are in proximity automatically
  • Really Good Audio Quality
  • I’ve had no complaints in reference to receive volume
  • Audio is clearly heard
  • Transmit quality also good – no negative feedback
  • And of course… THE LOW PRICE!


If you are in search of a simple, good quality wireless headset that just works at a low price….then you need to check out the Jabra PRO 900 Series…

Danny Hayasaka
Danny Hayasaka
Danny Hayasaka served in the US Army from 1992-1999. He has been in the business communications industry since 1999. He loves helping businesses solve problems and bridge gaps within their communications and collaboration landscape. He's a "Fit Junkie". In 2012 he made the decision to get "Fit by Forty". In 70 weeks he transformed his entire lifestyle and lost close to 60lbs and 10 inches off his waistline. Danny trains 5-7 days a week. When he's not helping customers or working out, he adores spending time with his wife of over 23 years. He loves to cook and eat great food! His greatest accomplishment outside his marriage is his strong relationship with his two now adult sons and their significant others.

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  1. Well nice blog on Jabra Pro . Each headset of Jabra Pro 930 comes with a Pre- connected charging base so you can make calls straight away. Easy to use and most comfortable

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